ZB2L3 USB Lithium/Led Acid Battery Capacity Tester Module


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After a long day of tearing down laptop battery packs, you've got 20-30 untested cells. The voltage may be below 1.5V but before you throw them out, stick them in a charger and test the capacity. You might be surprised! The ZB2L3 Capacity tester is great for checking the capacity of any Lithium or Led Acid rechargeable battery.

Operating Parameters

Power supply voltage: DC 4.5-6V (micro USB)

Discharge voltage: 1.00-15.00V, resolution 0.01V

Termination voltage range: 0.5V-11V (precision 0.1V)

Current range: Max 3.000A, resolution 0.001A

Maximum voltage error: 1%+0.3V

Maximum current error: 2%+/- 0.010A


1. Fully charge the battery you're testing.

2. Connect the battery under test to the input terminals (center terminals) in the proper manner.  Connect the load resistor(s) to the proper (outer) terminals, and connect the micro USB power (use a standalone cell phone charger).  The battery voltage will be displayed.

3. To start the test with the automatically determined termination voltage, press the "OK" button.  The display will flash the termination voltage 3 times and begin testing.  If you wish to set the termination voltage yourself, press "+" or "-" to modify the termination voltage as desired, then press "OK" to start the test.

4. The tester connects the battery to the load, and displays the capacity (Ah), discharge current (A), and battery voltage (V), cycling the display through each.  When the battery voltage reaches the specified termination voltage, the battery is disconnected, and the display shows the capacity (Ah) with a rapid blinking to indicate the test is done.  Press "OK" to solidly illuminate the display with the capacity, then press "OK" again to reset the unit for another test.

Error Codes

Err1: Battery voltage greater than 15v.

Err2: The battery voltage is lower than the specified termination voltage.

Err3: The battery is unable to withstand the discharge current (too much sag?)

Err4: The discharge current is >3.1A.

Package Includes:

1 x Capacity Testing Module
2x 5W Load Resistors





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