FM Radio Transmitter Circuit DIY Electronic Kit


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Radio technology has stood the test of time. Even now, people use radios to listen to music or spread news. Others use radios as a means to communicate with one another whether it be in the military or within your Local Ham Radio Club. Take a dive into learning how radios work with this FM transmitter Circuit DIY Electronic Kit! This kit comes with everything you need including the aux jack,condenser mic, inductors and all the other components necessary to build. A great kit for beginners.

Difficulty Level:
Assembly Time: 15-25 minutes
Pre Build Instructions: Each component is listed on the PCB for easy reference and installation. You may also refer to the Component Check List located bellow:

Post Build Instructions:

1. First find an input signal. You can use your voice with the condenser mic or audio through the AUX jack. 

2. Set the output frequency using the trimmer potentiometer and measure the output frequency using the frequency mode on your Multimeter or with a frequency tester from here.

3. Tune your radio to the frequency set on your transmitter and you should be able to hear the output from there!

Recommended Tools: Multimeter, Soldering iron, Long wire for antenna. 
Frequency Range: 85-115Mhz
Transmission Distance: up to 3 meters
Supply Voltage: 5V



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