555 Timer Dice DIY Project Kit


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Whether you're playing a board game, or just looking for a fun and easy beginner project. The 555 Timer Based Dice Kit is a great place to start. This kit randomizes an output between 1-6  using LEDs. This kit uses a 555 timer and a CD4014 Shift Register. A schematic is also included for you to gain a better understanding of how the circuit works.Difficulty Level: Beginner
Assembly Time: 10-20 minutes
Instructional video courtesy of our partners:

Pre Build Instructions: Each component is listed on the PCB for easy reference and installation. You may also refer to the Schematic located bellow:


Post Build Instructions: Use the push button to randomize the LEDs shown. After pressing once, the LEDs will flash and after a few seconds, it will stop on a certain number.
Recommended Tools
: Multimeter, Soldering iron
Supply Voltage: 5V




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