1W Resistor set 300pcs


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Resistors - Where would we be without them? Probably the most common electrical component there is other than the wire itself. Resistors are great for about 99% of the projects you will come across. These 1W Resistors are great for those high power projects. This comes in a pack of 300!

Type: Carbon Film Resistor
Rated Power: 1W
Quantity: 300 pcs, 30 values, 10 each
Resistance values:

0.1R 0.33R 0.5R 1 R 10R, 100R 1.5 R 15R 150R 2 R 20R, 200R 2.7R 27R 270R 3.3R 33 R 330R 3.9R 39R 390R 4.7R 47 R 470R 5.6R 56R 560R 7.5 R 75 R 750R




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