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Assorted Trimmer Pots 20pcs - Circuit-Pop
Assorted Trimmer Pots 20pcs - Circuit-Pop

Assorted Trimmer Pots 20pcs

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Basically a trim pot is a tiny potentiometer. There are lots of trimpots out there. Some are very large, some so small they require a screwdriver. The ones in this assorted pack has a small divot on the top where you can twist a flat head to change the resistance. These are perfect for your next LCD contrast adjuster, opamp setting, or volume level.

Quantity: 20 Pcs

Resistance Values:

2Pcs 201 (200Ω)

2Pcs 501 (500Ω)

2Pcs 102 (1KΩ)

2Pcs 202 (2KΩ)

2Pcs 502 (5KΩ)

2Pcs 103 (10KΩ)

2Pcs 203 (20KΩ)

2Pcs 503 (50KΩ)

2Pcs 104 (100KΩ)

2Pcs 204 (200KΩ)


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