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16 Tone Buzzer Box DIY Circuit Kit
16 Tone Buzzer Box DIY Circuit Kit - Circuit-Pop
16 Tone Buzzer Box DIY electronic Circuit - Circuit-Pop
16 Tone Buzzer Box DIY Kit - Circuit-Pop
16 Tone Buzzer Box DIY Kit - Circuit-Pop

16 Tone Buzzer Box DIY Circuit Kit

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Its amazing what you can do with a couple of Logic gates,switches, and a buzzer. This is an easy to build buzzer music box. You can use this to make some interestingly wacky noises based on the position you set by using the 4 on-board switches. It comes with everything you need including the PCB, ICs, components, and buzzer.

Tone Switch 1 Switch 2 Switch 3 Switch 4
Machine gun Off Off Off Off
Fire truck  Off Off Off On
Ambulance Off Off On Off
Police Siren Off Off On On
Crickets Off On Off Off
Alarm Off On Off On
Electronic Signal Off On On Off
Koh Off On On On
Insect On Off Off Off
Whistle On Off Off On
Telegraph On Off On Off
Bird Chirp On Off On On
ChongJi On On Off Off
Car Sirens On On Off On
Bass Instruments On On On Off
Racing Engine On On On On

Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Assembly Time: 20-40 minutes
Instructions: Each component is listed on the PCB for easy reference and installation. If additional help is needed, you can contact us at for assistance.
Recommended Tools: Multimeter, Soldering iron, spare wire. 
Supply Voltage:  5 VDC



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