About Us

Do you love electronics? Do you spend hours programming arduinos and soldering circuits? Our website has a huge variety of hobby electronics, components, kits, and even 3D printers. 

Circuit-Pop's Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with one store they can trust to buy parts and supplies for their hobby electronic projects and inventions. Browse our huge selection of Resistors, Capacitors, Modules, Development boards, DIY circuit kits and much more.

Why chose Circuit-Pop?

When you shop with us, you'll see the Ciruit-Pop difference. All of our employees are electronic enthusiasts so we are very familiar with the hobby scene. We focus on providing a larger variety of components compared to our competitors and we also make sure every customers needs are met.  We also believe in one-on-one communication. If you ever have a question we try our best to help and we never rely on automated responses.