Top 5 Back to School Educational Electronic Kit Ideas and Projects 15.Aug.2020

Top 5 Back to School Educational Electronic Kit Ideas and Projects

Its that time of the year when classes begin and homework is inevitable. If you're a student or a teacher looking for something that will get those gears turning, we've compiled a list of our top 5 DIY Kits for learning Electronics!


5. 555 Timer Dice DIY Project Kit

555 Timer Dice DIY Project Kit


Starting off with the least inexpensive and easiest kit, This Dice uses a CD4014 coupled with the famous 555 timer to produce and 6 different outputs using the 7 LEDs. This is a great beginner project and perfect for students learning about circuit logic and oscillators.

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Video Build guide:

4. 555 Timer Multi-Channel Waveform Generator DIY Kit

555 timer Multi-channel Waveform Generator DIY Kit


Signals and waveforms are a fundamental part of Electronics Understanding the different types of signals and their functions is an important skill for most Electrical and telecommunication engineers. This kit allows users to create their own Sine, square, triangle, and Sawtooth waves.

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Video Build guide:



3. LED Light Chaser DIY Kit

LED Light Chaser DIY Kit - Circuit-Pop

LED Chasers are one of our favorite kits. LED chasers are a circuit where LEDs blink in a sequence representing a chase. The included Trimmer pot allows for adjustable speed. You can find LED chasers on movie theatre billboards and casinos (don't gamble). This kit is perfect for beginners and is a fantastic first project.

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2. Metal Detector DIY Electronic Kit

Metal Detector DIY Electronic Kit

Learning about electronic and induction is a great way to gain a better understanding of how the world works. This metal detector uses the phenomenon of electromagnetism. A magnetic field is induced by the current through the circuit. When a metal comes near the circular part of the PCB the buzzer alarms. 


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1. Arduino Uno Starter Kit


The Arduino is arguably the most well know development board on the market. In fact without the Arduino, Circuit-Pop might not exist. The Arduino Uno board is an open source electronic development board that allows users to create many different electronic projects suck as robots, clocks, timers, 3D printers, and much much more. This kit allows you to delve into the world of Electronics. With this kit you will gain a better understanding of Electronics and how they work. This kit includes the Uno R3 dev board and many types of common components that you will use as an electrical engineer or Electrical hobbyist.

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