Holiday Electronics Shopping Guide 29.Nov.2019

Holiday Electronics Shopping Guide

Its time time of year again! Christmas is coming and gift searching has started! It can be difficult finding the right gift. Especially when it comes to hobby electronics. Luckily the team at Circuit-Pop have put together a list of some great items that you can get right from our store. Check them out!

5. Dot Matrix Retro-Arcade Portable Video Game Kit


What better way to knock things out of the park but with a game system? This Retro Arcade game kit gives you a blast from the past with some awesome classics such as as Tetris, Space Invaders, and Snake!! Soldering the kit isn't very difficult either! This kit is great for kids just getting into electronics and adults that want to take a trip down memory lane. We've included a video below with a build guide from one of our amazing makers!


4. Line Following Robot DIY Kit

Robots are every and with the growing field of Mechatronics and AI, it can be a little hard to know where to start. This Line following robot is a great induction into robotics and a must buy for any electronics enthusiast. Utilizing a 555 Timer and some light sensors, this kit will help you navigate the inner workings of a line following robot. This is a great beginner project for any robotics enthusiast!


Line Following Robot Kit

3.  Soldering Iron Sets


Soldering Irons are one of the most important parts of anyones Electronic Lab. We've got two sets here. The first is your standard Plug in Soldering iron with 26 tools and accessories. This complete set is great as it comes with everything you will need for almost any situation. The second one we have is a bit special. Like the first, this Iron is plugged directly into the wall but unlike the first one, This Iron has its own Digital temperature LCD Display. You can use the side buttons to change the irons temp with accuracy down to the degree!  Both sets are great! Its up to you to decide which one is best for you!

60W Soldering Iron Set
80W Soldering Iron Set

2.  Arduino Uno Starter Set

No hobbyist is complete without an Uno Starter Set! The Arduino is what keeps the maker community together. In fact where would we be without it? This is a great gift because of the unlimited amount of things that you can do with the Uno. This set comes with just the right amount of accessories and components to get you started on your electronics journey. 

Uno Development Board

Uno Starter Kit

1. 3D LED Christmas Tree Kit

 This is one of our most popular kits and for a good reason! Christmas is one of the best holidays of the year and what better way to celebrate it than with an LED Christmas Tree! This colorful Kit is great for all ages and comes with 36 RGB LEDs. Solder them in place and sit back and watch a great light show! An instructional video from one of our great makers is included below!



3D LED Christmas Tree DIY Kit - 3 Color
3D LED Christmas Tree DIY Kit - 7 Color


If none of these items speaks to you no worries! We have an entire selection of great items specifically meant for holidays like this!

Check them out here!


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