1 Year Anniversary! - Store Changes 20.Jul.2020

1 Year Anniversary! - Store Changes


1 year ago Circuit-Pop was founded with the idea of providing makers and creators a one stop shop for all of their Electronic project needs. Over the past year Circuit-Pop has provided electronics to thousands of makers from over 200 countries. We have many big plans for the coming months so keep an eye out for our newsletter!

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Store Changes

After receiving feedback from several customers, we have decided to make a few major changes to our online shop. As you may have noticed, one of the most notable changes is the remaking of our website design. 

Now you can preview electronics before opening the page, view categories from the side bar,  and catch up on news all from the home page! Mobile users will also have a much more responsive and easier navigation experience when browsing news and collections.



You can now quickly add items to your cart without having to open each product page individually.




Our End of the Year Goals



More Electronics

As we begin to gain more feedback from everyone, we realize that our store in quite limited. We are actively working to provide makers with more electronics, modules, and kits. 




Reaching more makers

See the source image


Right now, compared to most electronics communities, Circuit-Pop is quite small. We are currently working on growing through Social Media such as Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.




More Electronics News Blogs

Previously we provided news on a quarter yearly basis, We realize this is not enough and plan to provide news blogs more frequently on a biweekly basis.



Learning more from You!

Circuit-Pop would not be what it is without the individuals that visit our shop. That is why your opinions matter to us. We want to know what you like so we can begin to provide much more relevant content via our blogs, social media posts, and youtube videos. That is why we plan to implement easier ways for you to voice your opinions through things such as single question surveys, forums, and so on.

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  • Anthony R.
    Jul 20, 2020, 02:53 am

    I am glad to see a company that actually tries to listen to their customers. 👍

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